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Your appointments can be in my clinic or from your computer at home via Skype

To make an appointment for a Tinnitus Assessment at my clinic or via Skype, either

complete a Tinnitus Mini-History form online

or send an email to

Skype Appointments

I have patients that travel some distances to see me for Tinnitus Management. Some seem to think little of making a 4 hour round trip! This is not necessary if we work with one another using Skype

I began using Skype early in 2012. It was at the request of a prospective patient who lived in New Zealand. I was amazed at how well these sessions work. If, as I did in that first instance, you have your doubts because you are unfamiliar with using video-conferencing via Skype, I can assure you it really is the very next best thing to being with someone in the same room

Since that 'first contact', Skype appointments have become something of the norm. Time difference can easily be accommodated - my working day starts very early in the morning with my patients in New Zealand and Australia for example!  

However, for patients living in the UK, but too far away to be able to come to Clitheroe, appointments using Skype are ideal

The calls themselves cost you nothing. All you need is the means to be on-line with a webcam and microphone

Fees are no different to appointments in my clinic either. You can book your session with me and arrange payment direct from your bank. Where it is easier to pay for your sessions via PayPal, this can be done in GBP and includes a small addition for PayPal fees

Make arrangements for Assessment using Skype

In the first instance, send an email telling me a little about yourself and how tinnitus affects you. Include other symptoms too, for example any hearing sensitivity, anxiety problems etc. Also, give me some idea of days and times that would work for you

We will have to have some measures for you too (THI results etc). These can either be done 1-1 during our first call, or I will send them to you electronically, you complete them and return them to me before your Assessment. Most of them though are now available to complete online, so I will send you a link

Once we have agreed a day and time for your Assessment, we will exchange Skype IDs, make the necessary arrangements for payment and that's all there is to it - just the case of the call itself

In the first instance, either self-refer online using the Tinnitus Mini-History form, or send me an email to the following email address:

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