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The new 'Half Way House' course is part self-directed learning and part one to one sessions with me.

Initially, you use the free to access Tinnitus E-Programme (TEP) at least up to and including module 4. We then continue your therapy one to one using Skype, or in my clinic in Clitheroe, Lancashire UK if you live nearby.

This method is also open to all people using the Tinnitus E-Programme. The one to one sessions are intended for working through cognitive restructuring and reframing (CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) consisting of 8 sessions, most commonly of which the first 4 sessions are weekly, then fortnightly and the final one, possibly 2 sessions will be 4-6 weeks apart.

Tinnitus E-Programme

You will work through the first 4 TEP modules, ideally weekly, and at the end of each of the 4 modules, send in the module's Progress Check.

The process is as follows:

Module 1: Tinnitus explained | The brain and tinnitus | Autonomic response | How tinnitus is managed | Module 1 Practical | Progress Check 1
Module 2: How change works | Human function curve | Module 2 Practical | Progress Check 2
Module 3: Three levels of hearing | Significance of sound | Meaning in tinnitus | Module 3 Practical | Progress Check 3
Module 4: Negative thoughts | The tension cycle | Module 4 Practical | Progress Check 4

Send in your repeat THI and other measures, together with your mini-history form

Cost of the Half Way House Course

Because you are learning the underpinning theory about tinnitus distress and its management and using the necessary practical exercises via the Tinnitus E-Programme, the cost of the 8 sessions of cognitive restructuring and reframing is considerably less than a full 12 session one to one course of tinnitus management.

Assessment and 8 sessions for the Half Way House course is £475.00.

Assessment comprises completing a history, the THI, TFI and BAI. You may opt for a full one to one assessment for an additional £75.00.

If you would like to use this Half Way House method, go to the Tinnitus E-Programme (TEP) website now to complete the THI and register to access the TEP

If you prefer to work fully one to one with me, complete a self-referral Mini-History form online or email me at info@tinnitusmanagement.com and we will arrange your assessment as soon as possible

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