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Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus Management

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An Overview

I have many years experience as a therapist, having qualified in 1995 as a Hearing Therapist specialising in the management of tinnitus distress. 10 years on, I further qualified as a psychotherapist with a Post Graduate Diploma followed by a masters (MSc) in Psychotherapy with the University of Sheffield awarded in 2013

Beyond the therapy room, I develop courses and provide training for Audiologists (NHS and those in private practice) in Counselling Skills and Tinnitus Management (CSTCP course) including across the five regions of Northern Ireland for N.I. Health & Social Care to audiologists and Specialist Sensory Social Workers.

Information about my work in Psychotherapy & Counselling can be found at

In 2012, I developed a new on-line Masters level module in Rehabilitation for Audiologists for the University of Manchester (School of Psychological Sciences)

Since 2012, I work closely with tinnitus researchers at the NIHR (National Institute of Health Research) NHBRU (National Hearing Biological Research Unit) and continue to be involved in research projects, in the capacity as trainer and co-author of one (developing a manual in tinnitus management for audiologists) and a second project in my role as founder of the Tinnitus E-Programme as an online resource

During intervening years, I have presented at various conferences and professional events; for example:
  • "Tinnitus: Designing Therapy Around the Patient" that focuses upon the importance of the therapeutic relationship in clinical work
  • "Implications for Practitioners" in the light of new BSA (British Society of Audiology) Guidelines for Audiological Rehabilitation
and numerous others

Medico-Legal: most commonly tinnitus management, for medico-legal clients with distressing tinnitus that require my psychotherapy skills. Medico-legal work is arranged through a client's solicitor, most often following RTAs. I also act as an Expert Witness to the Court in cases of tinnitus


As Head of Hearing Therapy Services based in Burnley and Blackburn at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust for 9 years 2001-2010, my responsibilities were for specialist rehabilitative service provision for NHS patients who have tinnitus, hyperacusis, balance/vestibular disorders and hearing loss

Prior to moving to Lancashire, I was based in Birmingham (1996-2001) and before that, in Epping, Essex (1993-1996). Prior to working in the NHS, my background was in teaching. I was a lecturer for 10 years at the City Lit, London, teaching Hearing Therapists in training, Lipreading Teachers in training and teaching Lipreading to adults with hearing loss

Tinnitus Management

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